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Why Are My AirPods So Quiet – How To Fix?

why are my airpods so quiet

Airpods are definitely the best of all products ever introduced by Apple. And since they’re expensive, most of us usually save for a while and wait for the right moment to buy these AirPods – having massive expectations for the quality and sound. The good part is – the AirPods are often capable of meeting our expectations too, by offering a distraction-free sound that is loud enough and amusing at the same time. 

So whether you need them for enjoying music and listening to a podcast or you have to attend a crucial meeting – AirPods could always be of great help only until they start becoming quiet or having a low volume. Have you ever faced this issue where you keep wondering why are my AirPods so quiet? 

The truth is – there are many reasons why AirPods are quiet, and so are the possible fixes. And if you’re also eager to learn why your AirPods are too quiet and how to fix quiet Airpods, this blog post describes everything in detail. 

Dive in to burst your curiosity! 

Why Are My Airpods So Quiet & How Can I Fix Them? 

Since there are many reasons an airpod may go quiet or offer low volume, as mentioned above, it is important to determine the reason before you go on to the fixing part. However, there’s no particular method to determine the exact reason why your AirPods have gone quiet, so you’ll need to test out different things. 

We’ve listed down a few common reasons why an airport may go quiet and how they could be tested below to ease your hassle! 

Why Are My Airpods So Quiet

You May Have a Low-Power Mode on Your iPhone – 

While not many of us would realize this until very late, a common reason why AirPods could go quiet is that you’ve activated low power mode on your iPhone or any other concerned iOS device. Low power mode usually limits the audio output from apps that may have been using a lot of battery to produce louder sounds. 

While you may think of it as a non-sense feature since AirPods have their own battery, this is how the IOS products have functioned. 

How to Fix This Issue? 

If your AirPods become quiet out of nowhere, you must check if the concerned IOS device is in a low-power mode. You can deactivate the mode to gain back your desired audio output. However, if that’s not the case – you may go on to test another reason. 

Your Airpods May Have Become Dusty – 

You might not have noticed, but AirPods have a small opening at the back, which usually let the dirt and dust enter. There’s also a possibility for the wax from your ears to enter the AirPods from that opening. 

How to Fix this Issue? 

If your AirPods are quiet and you seem not to determine why – you must always try cleaning them before trying out any other methods. The best way to clean your quiet AirPods is by blowing in the air using a blow dryer.

Also, you must always ensure that your AirPods are clean and have no dust or earwax inside by using tissue paper or a towel. This is important to keep the sound quality of your AirPods up-to-date for a longer period of time. 

Your Airpods or Concerned IOS Device Need an Update – 

A common reason why your AirPods might have gone quiet or offer low volume could be because you’re having software issues. There’s a chance you hadn’t updated either your AirPods or your concerned IOS device when the new ones came. 

How to Fix this Issue?

The best way to overcome this issue is to update both your AirPods and the IOS device concerned to the latest version, and boom – your original audio output would definitely be recovered. 

Your Airpod’s Battery Might be Dying – 

If your AirPods are too quiet and don’t produce any sound, there’s a possibility that your battery might be dying. 

How to Fix this Issue? 

Since AirPods work on chargeable batteries, it is important that you charge them in a timely manner and have your battery full when you require the AirPods for heavy use. 

While it is usually hard to determine where your Airpod’s battery stand and whether it’s about to die or not, you must try charging them first every time they go quiet. Also, if you ever wonder why is my right airpod so quiet or left only – it is very usual for one side of the AirPods battery to drain quicker than the others. 

Wrapping Up – Do Airpods Get Quieter Over Time

A lot of us end up thinking that AirPods are designed this way. They would eventually get quieter over time, and we have to replace them often. The truth is – that’s just a myth. Airpods are not designed to get quiet over time. Why would a brand as huge as Apple sell AirPods so expansive just so they could end up getting quite this frequently? Well, they don’t. All that’s the truth is the fact that AirPods are sensitive devices that require proper care. 

Your AirPods won’t go quiet over time, and you wouldn’t need to replace them frequently if you take proper care of them. The ideal way to keep them working and brand new for a longer period of time are to clean them with tissue paper or a towel and blow air through them once every week. This would keep them free from the dust and any other dirt. Also, keeping them up-to-date to the latest versions of IOS can also prevent you from facing the issues of your AirPods going quiet.