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Where Can You Find Your iPhone XR Microphone?- Insights

iphone xr microphone

The iPhone XR is one of the more affordable phones in the X series. As a result, it is becoming more popular. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are also part of the X series, but they are significantly more expensive than the iPhone XR. Some features of the iPhone XR aren’t as good as the other two models, but it’s still a worthwhile purchase. The XR user addresses only one issue, where is the microphone on the iPhone XR exactly located? 

where is mic on iphone xr

It comes in six different pop-up colors including yellow, blue, black, white, coral, and red. Even so, the iPhone XR remains popular in 2022, while many people purchase this model.

So, Continue reading on to find out where your iPhone XR mic is located and how many microphones exactly it has.

How many iPhone XR Microphones are available?

Some iPhone XR users are experiencing voice distortion or difficulty recording a clear voice with a microphone while recording a video, zoom meeting, or call. Because they didn’t know how many microphones were available on the iPhone XR or where these microphones were exactly located.

Did you know that the iPhone XR comes with three microphones? Yes, you read that correctly. iPhone XR features three different microphones, each of which is located in a different location. And if you experience voice distortion or people can’t hear you clearly during a call, it’s most likely due to a problem with one of the three microphones. However, it may vary depending on which app you’re using and what you’re doing.

Where is the Mic on iPhone XR Exactly Located? 

All three microphones of the iPhone XR are located in three different locations. However, Here’s a detailed explanation of where the three microphones of the iPhone XR are exactly located down below. 

 1. Microphone on the front

where is the microphone on the iPhone XR

This microphone is located just above the screen on the front side of the iPhone XR. It is used for FaceTime calls and video recording using the front-facing camera. Making a FaceTime call or recording a video is a quick way to see if this microphone is working properly. However, if this microphone is not working properly, then restart your iPhone XR and try again. Also, keep in mind the front speaker grill is always clean. 

Even so, if this font-facing microphone is still not working, then you should go to your nearest Apple store and take a look at them.

2. The Rear Microphone 

The Rear Microphone

This microphone on the iPhone XR is the most visible mic because it is located at the back of the phone, between the camera and the flashlight. This microphone greatly helps in the recording of back camera videos as well as noise cancellation during phone calls. Also, if you are having recording problems, such as recording a video but the sound is not clear, or the sound is not recorded.

However, If you’re experiencing these issues, your iPhone XR’s rear microphone is likely dirty or clogged by something, such as a sticker or case. As such, take a look and see if this helps. Furthermore, if the problem remains, restart your iPhone XR and check again.

3. Microphone at the bottom

Microphone at the bottom

The iPhone XR’s third microphone is located at the bottom, right near the lightning connector. However, many users are perplexed and even unaware that there’s a microphone available because they mistook it for a speaker. This microphone is helpful for recording voice notes and making regular phone calls. Nevertheless, many users address the issue that people on the call cannot hear them. And this may be due to a problem with your bottom microphone.

A simple way to see if this microphone is functioning is to make regular calls and check if the other person can hear you clearly. However, if your iPhone XR isn’t functioning, then reboot it and make sure no dust particles or unwanted materials are blocking the mic hole. But if the problem remains, then you might have to take your iPhone XR to an Apple Store.

How much does an iPhone XR Mic Replacement cost?

If you want to replace the microphone on your iPhone XR, you can do so by going to any good mobile phone shop where all of these things can be done with ease. Currently, the service charges for iPhone XR mic replacement are $99.99 in the market. However, Your iPhone XR mic replacement cost will also vary depending on the person who will replace it.

The iPhone XR mic replacement takes about 1-2 hours. During the process, they will replace the defective microphone in your iPhone XR with a new, warranty-working microphone. This mic replacement is required when you have sound issues, such as when you are on a regular phone call with someone and they are unable to hear you, or any other sound problems. Furthermore, if your iPhone XR microphones are damaged due to water getting into the mic port, then mic replacement will be considered necessary.

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To Wrap Up

You are all now aware that your iPhone XR has three microphones located in different locations. By reading this detailed guide, you are also completely guided as to where the iPhone XR microphones are exactly located. We hoped that this guide would be of great assistance to you in finding out the iPhone XR microphone location.

However, if your microphone isn’t working, then restart your iPhone XR or ensure that all three microphones are clean and free of tiny dust particles. But still, if your sound problem remains the same, go to the Apple Store for help and support, or maybe you need to replace your iPhone XR microphone with a new one. Thank you very much. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I clean my iPhone XR’s microphone?

We use our iPhones daily and carry them with us everywhere. Although it is understandable that our iPhones or iPhone XR microphones become dirty and clogged with microscopic dust particles. iPhones are simple to clean with a soft cloth, but cleaning mics and speakers require a completely different method.

You can easily clean the microphones of your iPhone XR with a soft-bristle brush, painter’s tape, a toothpick, compressed air, and spray dusters. With these, you can securely clean your microphones and speakers.

Why am I unable to hear clearly on my iPhone XR?

All you need to do if you can’t hear clearly on your iPhone XR is. Navigate to Settings > Sounds > Haptics. Then, a few times, drag the ringers and alerts slider back and forward between. If you can’t hear anything or if the speaker button on the ringer and Alerts slider is dim, then your speaker may require being repaired or replaced.

How do I repair my iPhone XR’s muffled mic?

Using a toothbrush or soft-bristled brush and Isopropyl alcohol, you can easily repair or fix your iPhone XR’s muffled microphone. If you don’t have a brush, you can use any pointy object, such as a toothpick, spudger, or similar. Pour some Isopropyl alcohol into a cup and dip the toothbrush in it. With this method, you can easily repair your iPhone XR’s muffled microphone by gently scrubbing the microphones and speakers. Make sure you follow this process once every six months. 

How many microphones are available on the iPhone XR?

The iPhone XR comes with three different microphones. One can find the top of the iPhone XR.  The second is a rear microphone located near the back camera, and the third is located at the bottom of the iPhone XR.