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Raycon Everyday Earbuds Review – Are “The Everyday” Earbuds A Good Buy?

raycon earbuds

Ever since Apple’s true wireless earbuds – AirPods were introduced, a variety of alternatives have emerged on the market, making it more challenging to choose which ones to buy. Though it would seem easier to simply take your cash, walk to the store, and come home with a brand-new electronic item when there are so many possibilities available, the truth is quite the reverse.

The Raycon Everyday Earbuds – A Brief Overview

Price: $79.99

Wireless charging: available, Qi-compatible case

Bluetooth connectivity: 5.0

Voice assistant support: Siri

Sound modes: Awareness Mode

Audio codecs: AAC, SBC

Ear tips: five sizes

The question that arises, however, is whether or not they’re worth buying and for whom. Let’s dive in!

At a glance


  • Lightweightness
  • Effective & easy controls
  • Wide color range
  • IPX6 water-resistance
  • Passive noice reduction
  • Longer lasting battery


  • Mediocre sound
  • Mainstream features

Our Verdict

For someone who just wants a pair of everyday earbuds and isn’t big on specs and details, these Everyday earbuds (hence, the name) are the perfect mini marvels budgeted at a fairly low price.

When it comes to choosing which earbuds work best for you, it is crucial to ask yourself the following question:

What do you primarily need them for? 

Are you looking for great bass to amp up your work-out sessions, compact, space-saving design to help you get through urgent work meetings, water resistance to enjoy music during long, hot showers, great sound for binge-ing movies late at night or newer Bluetooth versions for uninterrupted online gaming?  Realizing what features you’re in search of makes the whole process way smoother – especially if you’re the kind of indecisive that takes hours to pick an outfit for work.

Raycon Earbuds Review

Source: Raycon

This article will offer a full review of Raycon’s The Everyday (E25) Earbuds (2021 Edition), the latest in its line. Despite the fact that there haven’t been any observable variations between any of the models in the brand’s E25 series since it started in 2019, Raycon has made minor alterations such as enhanced IPX6 water resistance, Bluetooth 5.0, more adaptability and a few extra features, resulting in the latest 2021 version.

First off, is Raycon a reliable company?

Ray J, the former American rapper and current reality TV star and Ray Lee founded the now popular company – Raycon, together. The two teamed together to launch a wireless headphone startup that sells its products solely in the US but wants to undercut the main companies in the IT sector with more economical choices.

Raycon everyday Earbuds

Source: The Quintessential Gentleman

Since its inception in 2017, Raycon has grown in recognition owing to a combination of celebrity-led advertising and YouTube sponsors. That has truly prepared the path for its prosperity among the major corporations, together with its existing cheap costs and additional discounts.

Despite the fact that many customers don’t highlight the earphones’ drawbacks, Raycon’s wireless, Bluetooth earbuds consistently receive positive user evaluations on its website. Overall, Raycon is a fairly reliable firm that produces decent items, however like many businesses, these pieces aren’t exactly as flawless as they’re marketed to be and genuine reviews are definitely needed.

Sleek and expressive design? Check!

What we absolutely love about Raycon’s Everyday earbuds’ case is its wide, oval-shaped sleek design made from easy to clean, silky plastic, the same material used in the earbuds, that withstands even the smallest fingerprints. Be it resting flat on the surface or twinning with the earbuds, the charging case that comes with the Everyday earbuds is truly fascinating.

Raycon everyday Earbuds

Not only this but contrary to the mainstream black, gray and white-colors that come with most of the true wireless earbuds available out there, Raycon’s Everyday earbuds and their case can be found and purchased in a wide range of colors. Be it the elegant Carbon Black, energetic Electric Blue, passionate Flare Red, luxurious Rose Gold or the peace-emitting Frost White, Raycon offers colors that will express your personality like none other.

However, what comes as a major setback is the fact that the charging case overall provides a rather ‘cheap’ feel and it isn’t hard to tell that this piece of item isn’t pricey.

Absolute space-savers!

The Everyday earbuds by Raycon are the perfect little pieces for all those who hate extra consumption of space. The buds appear and feel pretty decent due to their startling compact size and light-as-a-feather weight of just 4 grams per bud and 32 grams per case, but what really stands out is how effectively they remain in place.

Raycon everyday Earbuds

Source: Gruppo Indaco

Earbuds, with such diminutive size, frequently come with the issue of being readily shaken free during more strenuous activities like exercise as well as if you bend down for an extended period of time. However, what’s amazing about these little beauties is that they are able to firmly secure themselves in your ears such that they could make it through the most intense reps of jumping jacks and plank jumps performed. 

For a person who has a pretty active routine – and fights with his/her siblings often like he/she is John Cena himself, these are undoubtedly the perfect earbuds.

Effective & easy controls

With so many companies launching truly wireless earbuds by the second, you would think that changing the volume of the TV show that you’re watching or skipping a song from the mandatory Shuffle mode from your earbuds would be a piece of cake. However, this is something that even the most expensive earbuds are still struggling to address – the controls are often too easily confused with, not explained elaborately enough or merely in the manuals with no effective use whatsoever.

Raycon everyday Earbuds

What we really like about the Raycon Everyday earbuds is the fact that they provide extensive controls for any and all tasks at once, though one definitely needs to deeply consult the manual provided in order to recall the number of taps and duration of presses. 

Without even touching your phone, you can easily adjust the volume, manage playback and song skipping, switch between three different sound profiles, activate Awareness Mode, and accept or reject calls.

Battery time & consumption

Along with any tech, the purchase comes the inevitable concern of its battery time, and hence arises the question of how long Raycon’s Everyday earbuds last. Based on observation and practical testing, the E25 2021 Edition earbuds offer up to eight hours of listening when completely charged. 

Raycon everyday Earbuds Battery

Furthermore, the charging case will supply three extra charges, giving you a total of 32 hours of listening time before you need to plug the case in again.

Pro tip: If you’re just using one earbud, the amount of time you have available will increase even more!

The earbuds will be completely functional in less than 90 minutes once plugged into charging and you can charge your Raycon Everyday earbuds right away, thanks to the provided Type-C cable in the packaging. Although another option, which many people prefer, is to use a wireless charger, the fact that it takes longer than usual can be a bit of a setback.

Bluetooth connectivity

The improved E25 earphones use the same Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology as the first model. This continues to be the norm for the majority of smartphones and earphones available today. In comparison to Bluetooth 4.2, Bluetooth 5.0 is an improvement. 

The reduction in latency is the most significant aspect and the amount of time that passes between sending a signal and actually producing sound is noticeably reduced. As a result, playing video games or watching movies is now simpler than before.

Additionally, Bluetooth 5.0 offers a more consistent signal, resulting in fewer lost connections and finally permits a larger bandwidth, enabling greater bitrate audio listening.

Raycon everyday Earbuds bluetooth

Source: Geeqer

Impressive noise reduction, given the price

Although the ideal feature of noise cancellation is a luxury most of us would love to have in our wireless earbuds, one may need to come to terms with the fact that an under $100 budget just won’t let that dream come true. 

Although the noise reduction feature provided by Raycon’s low-cost buds isn’t powerful enough to let you attend those unavoidable work meetings while driving on busy, evening roads worry-free and talk to your family while at a concert in a way they can actually make sense of what you’re saying, the Everyday earbuds include an Awareness Mode that provides effective, passive noise reduction, given their inexpensive price.

Sound fit for everyday use

Now, don’t get us wrong – the Raycon Everyday bluetooth earbuds aren’t that bad for someone who just wants truly wireless earbuds that get basic everyday tasks done like attending calls or hearing audios on WhatsApp, casually listening to music or podcasts in the background while performing a task that involves motor movement and watching the news headlines at work.

Raycon Earbuds Sounds

But for someone who may need to use his/her pair of earbuds often and is very specific about sound quality, these may not be the best option. Although the Everyday earbuds by Raycon offer three sound profiles – Bass, Balanced and Pure sound, and offer pretty good studio separation, the sound range definitely leans towards bass, more than all else.

Out of all three, the Pure setting occasionally had a clearer definition, but atrociously muffled upper frequencies but if we’re honest, it is not something you can bear with for a very long time if great sound matters more to you than anything else.

So, should you buy the Everyday earbuds by Raycon?

It really depends. For someone who just wants a pair of everyday earbuds and isn’t big on specs and details, these Everyday earbuds (hence, the name) are the perfect mini marvels budgeted at a fairly low price. 

Raycon everyday Earbuds

Source: Everyday Reading

Not only are they conveniently compact, eliminating any extra weight from your ears while still offering strong, passive noise isolation and a snug fit, they have greater water-resistance, multiple effective controls for everyday use, a total of three varying sound modes, longer-lasting battery life and impressive weightlessness.

But if you are the kind of person who is really into features such as exceptional audio quality, a luxurious feel and more sweep-me-off-my-feet features and can stretch your budget by a little more, we would recommend searching the market for better alternatives.