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Logitech G935 Wireless Gaming Headset Review – Worth Buying? 

Logitech G935 wireless Gaming headset Review

 The gaming headset sector was still discovering what customers demanded in a headset just a few years ago. It can be difficult for one headset to stand out, though, because the feature set is already pretty well-established.

At a glance


  • Outstanding audio reproduction
  • Excellent app support
  • Budget-friendly headphone set
  • Robust and comfortable structure
  • Outstanding battery life


  • Some tunes have excessive bass.
  • Inconvenient microphone

Our Verdict

Helpful for gaming. Even with the USB dongle, these headphones have excellent quality and very no delay. They are long-lastingly comfy, although, for some people, they may feel a little snug. Additionally, the G HUB software, which gives a tonne of customization and settings, is compatible with these headphones, and their microphone is suitable for online gaming. Since they can be connected to any console or PC, they are highly adaptable and were made specifically to be used as gaming headphones.

The differences are frequently noticeable in the hardware’s level of craftsmanship or aesthetic appeal, the software they provide, and of course the lowest audio quality the headset is capable of producing. The Logitech G935 wireless gaming headset is exactly what you would anticipate from the business in many aspects. It has a sleek, plastic-heavy simple look, a tonne of customization alternatives, and a wide range of application choices thanks to Logitech’s G HUB software.

If you’ve used Logitech’s prior premium gaming headset, the G933, you have a fair idea of what to anticipate from this one. At first appearance, the two headsets are remarkably identical. That’s okay, though, because Logitech’s G935 boasts a tonne of amazing features that alone are worth its $179 asking price.

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For whom is the Logitech G935 intended?

  • Gamers looking for wireless gaming equipment they may utilise it across various platforms.
  • Aesthetically (un)conscious people who really want something to match their coloured LED setup, such as streamers.


The Logitech G935 is without a doubt a pretty “gamer”-looking headset. This largely plastic device has big, angular headphones and artistic grooves all over it. LEDs are used to illuminate the Logitech G logo on the back and sides of the headphones. It’s huge and garish as hell, but that might be exactly what you’re searching for.

However, this isn’t a terrible gaming headset (much as it could appear to be one). The Logitech G935 appears reliable. The headband features a metal strip within, which adds good tension and a constant sense of security.

The earpads’ ample size and foam-coated leatherette construction make it easy to achieve a tight seal. Even without them, it takes some getting adjusted towards how stiff the headset feels because the pads are rather hard, making wearing glasses more challenging.


The Logitech G935 features a design that indicates some degree of flexibility despite the absence of replacement options. The battery is visible on the right headphone when the side plates of the headphones are removed, and storage space for the USB dongle is visible in the left earcup. While the batteries, ear cushions, and side plates are all detachable: None of them have alternatives or replacements available from Logitech. 

There are no additional batteries, colourful plates, velour ear pads, or other ear accessories. Why Logitech chose to build the G935 in this way is puzzling, as it scarcely adds anything visually pleasant. Of course, if you’re not concerned with matching, you can select a colour directly from a practically endless range. The storage it offers is sufficient, though.

The Logitech G935 also enables Logitech’s LIGHTSYNC LED environment, which is related to aesthetics. So, if you own a variety of LED-equipped Logitech gaming hardware, you may effortlessly match their light colours. If matching is not important to you, you can, of course, pick a good hue freely from a practically limitless spectrum. Turning the lights off is another option if you don’t want a light-brite headset, however, you might want to look for another model because many alternatives cost less yet have similar functionality.


Although there is a slight learning experience, the Logitech G935 is really rather easy to use. There are multiple switches and controls on the left headphone of the headset, many of which may be changed. Three customizable buttons are available; by default, they toggle surround sound, cycle through the EQ settings, and regulate LED brightness. There is also a power switch, volume slider, and mic mute button.

Using the G Hub programme from Logitech is required for remapping the buttons, using surround sound, and altering the LED colour. The programme functions adequately, but there are a lot of steps to take just to access surround sound if you’re only seeking gaming capabilities. 

In contrast to the Logitech G Pro X, Blue Voice is not supported, therefore you have very limited command over the mic. Custom EQ profiles can be created, but the procedure is laborious and the outcomes aren’t particularly impressive.

The left headphone also serves as the headset’s microphone’s mute button when it is connected to the device. The mic is easy to use, with a flexible extendable tip that makes finding the ideal position simple, and functions just like any other gaming headset with calling programmes like Discord or Zoom.

Logitech G935 Connectivity

This is a wireless gaming headphone, and like nearly all of the products in that category, it attaches to your chosen platform utilising a 2.4GHz wireless USB dongle. The G935 may be used as a wireless gaming headset on PCs, Macs, the PlayStation 4, and even the Nintendo Switch by using the wireless USB adaptor.

The 3.5mm audio connection (which restricts the use of the dock’s USB ports) enables passive use of the headset with any gadget that has a 3.5mm headphone or headsets connector, including the Xbox One or portable Nintendo Switch. To modify settings like the colour of the illumination and the button assignments, you must use the Logitech G Hub programme on a Mac or PC.

Battery performance

When the lights are off, the G935 can operate for up to 12 hours, and when they are on, it can operate for 8 hours, according to Logitech. In contrast, we found through testing that the headset could operate with the lights on for 12 hours and 40 minutes.

Logitech G935 Wireless Gaming Headset battery performance

If you switch them off, you might achieve even more. Even though it could appear impressive in comparison to the firm’s claims, it still isn’t that stunning. This battery life is not ideal, but it is totally appropriate given that increasingly more wireless gaming headphones can last up to 30 hours on a single charge.

Logitech G935 for gaming

Overall, the Logitech G935 offers a respectable gaming experience. When playing Overwatch, Risk of Rain 2, and League of Legends on the PC, it functioned well. When playing Overwatch games, the G Hub app provided fairly accurate directional audio and allowed the headset to play DTS:X 2.0 stereo sound. The G Hub app also allows you to adjust the volume in distinct ways, which is useful if you need to amplify sounds that are happening behind you in like Fortnite or PUBG, a battle royale game.

While headset games, which just need stereo sound, perform pretty well, playing games on consoles isn’t quite as fun because the G Hub features, such as surround sound, aren’t available. The Nintendo Switch’s rendition of the Tetris 99 legendary techno theme and the soundtrack from Animal Crossing: New Horizons both had excellent audio quality.

Regrettably, the bulk of games on the Switch still does not support gaming headset microphones, so you are out of luck if the games you intend to play rely on its intrusive in-app chat system. However, Dauntless, Warframe, and Fortnite will all operate without a hitch.

Logitech G935 for gaming

Audio quality

For a gaming headset, the Logitech G935 produces quite accurate sounds. Nothing too drastically out of tune, just a noticeable overemphasis in the bass area and a tiny de-emphasis in the high range.

It can be challenging for the Logitech G935 to accurately and pleasingly play music with a lot of basses when the frequency response is like this. While the bass line in Run the Jewels’ song out of sight is strong and intense and sounds fantastic, it also suffocates out the sounds of the hi-hats. Especially when the bass is amplified as it is here, de-emphasis in the high register might make these noises tougher to discern.

Hi-hats and other high-frequency sounds may be more difficult to hear when the bass is amplified due to de-emphasis in the high range.

This type of audio output should work well with the majority of game genres and sound profiles. Although hearing subtler directional cues like enemy footsteps and distant gunfire can be very helpful in games like Fortnite, you might find it challenging. This is because overemphasised bass can make louder sounds like explosions and gunfire sound louder than they should be and is more likely to drown out quieter sounds.

The isolation offered by the Logitech G935 performs admirably despite the absence of anything close to active noise cancellation. You shouldn’t have any trouble with the ordinary distractions of the home thanks to the large and thick ear pads. Expect to be able to hear discussions taking place next to you, but you shouldn’t be bothered by noises like a refrigerator whirring or traffic outside a window.

Logitech G935's audio quality

How is the microphone working out?

A gaming headset microphone, like that of the Logitech G935, is fairly standard equipment. There aren’t any general volume problems, unlike many wired 3.5mm choices, but there is the customary de-emphasis in the bass area and mild over-emphasis in the high range.

The increase in highs can be beneficial since it helps sibilant sounds (F, S, and SH sounds) come across more effectively, which is crucial for speech that sounds natural over calls. Underemphasizing the bass spectrum is far less desirable. Individuals who have higher voices shouldn’t have too much trouble, but if you have a deeper voice, be prepared to sound rather tinny.

Do you want to purchase the Logitech G935?

If you’re already logged in to the Logitech LIGHTSYNC platform, perhaps. The Logitech G935 is not a bad gaming headset by any means; it just has an outdated appearance. 

When contrasting the huge design, rigid earpads, and extremely limited battery life, two headsets from an older generation come to mind: the Razer Nari and Logitech G432. Recent headsets offer all the same features and even more with more restrained aesthetics at a lower price, yet there is nothing wrong with buying one.

What else ought you to purchase?

For almost the same price, the SteelSeries Arctis 7 and the HyperX Cloud Flight S offer the same capabilities as the G935 while also being more comfortable and having a longer battery life. If you don’t require a wireless headset, the Logitech G Pro X is more inexpensive, has a lot more software functions, and is stronger and comfier.

Wireless gaming headsets with comparable features and lower prices include the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless as well as the Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless. The Logitech G733 is a better wireless gaming headset in almost every way if you’re very invested in the Logitech hardware ecosystem. 

You can still change the colour of its LEDs, and it has the same microphone functions as the G Pro X. Despite the fact that the Logitech G Pro X Wireless represents a large price rise, you don’t have to compromise for a wired connection if you like the features of the traditional version.

The Logitech G935 is only one of several more costly and less impressive gaming headsets (looking at you, Astro). Although there are more cost-effective solutions available at both ends of the price range, this headset occupies an odd and uneasy position in the market where it is simultaneously a little overpriced and lacking in quality.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How simple is the battery replacement process?

The replacement battery for the Logitech G935 is less complicated than for other gaming headphones. Its cover plate is straightforward to take off, and changing the battery is as easy as disconnecting the old one and inserting a compatible new one.

Is the Logitech G935 wireless reliable?

The Logitech G935 appears reliable. The headband features a metal strip within, which adds good tension and a constant sense of security. The earpads’ ample size and foam-coated leatherette construction make it easy to achieve a tight seal.

Has the G935 Bluetooth capability?

Unfortunately, the G935 lacks Bluetooth functionality. Using the USB receiver that is included, it communicates wirelessly with a computer. However, you can hardwire it to your iPhone with the supplied 3.5mm mobile cable; however, depending on the model of your iPhone, you might need an adaptor.

Is noise cancellation available for the Logitech G935?

The Logitech G935 headphones can leak a little bit and aren’t the best for use in noisy places. Although the G935’s pleather pads don’t have the same porous fabric as the G635’s wired version, they are still not a suitable choice for reducing background noise.


The G935 is a reliable gaming headset at a fair price, despite its slightly dated appearance. The fit is comfortable enough to wear for all but the harshest marathon gaming sessions, and the wireless functions are faultless; the sound quality is unmatched.

But if you get the G935, as with other Logitech products, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality item that will continue to stand the test of time.