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How to Reset Samsung Soundbar- Your Ultimate Guide is Here

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar

Home theater systems are now an excellent way to enjoy movies, TV shows, and gaming sessions. However, if you are experiencing poor and unsatisfying audio from your expensive home theater system or TV. Then a soundbar could be the best friend you didn’t know you needed. Moreover, the expanding market for soundbars has largely driven a lot of innovation in the industry. Or we can say that they simply replaced the stereo TVs and provide a proper virtual surround sound.

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar

However, the Samsung soundbar has grown in popularity because of its exceptional sound quality at an affordable price. Samsung soundbars are today’s high-performance soundbars. Which supports the immersive Dolby Atmos and DTS X virtual surround sound formats. These two technologies add overhead and high effects. That comparatively, delivers a lot more audio power than your TV speakers.

Other than that, even the best and most expensive soundbars have flaws. And in addition, many users are having problems with the Samsung soundbar as well. Likewise, how to reset the Samsung soundbar or it won’t turn on? However, find out all of the quick fixes to such sorts of issues by continuing to read this entire guide. 

Is it Necessary to Reset the Samsung Soundbar?

Of course, resetting the Samsung or any other soundbar is necessary. Additionally, It mainly happens when you leave them plugged in for an extended amount of time. Due to this, you will undoubtedly encounter common problems with your Samsung soundbar. According to the users, they experience the following issues with their Samsung soundbars such as:

  • Even when connected to a Bluetooth device, the soundbar does not produce any sound.
  • My Samsung Soundbars won’t connect to my TV.
  • Lastly, there is a problem while connecting the soundbar to the subwoofer.

Moreover, when users begin to experience these issues, they believe purchasing a new soundbar is the better way. Or they sent their soundbars to the manufacturer’s RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). While the solution to these issues is very easy, you just have to reset your Samsung soundbars. And if you don’t know how to reset the Samsung soundbar, then keep reading.

Is it Necessary to Reset the Samsung Soundbar?

But before resetting the Samsung soundbar, make sure there are two kinds of resets, Soft reset, and Hard reset. Follow the reset procedure for your Samsung soundbar according to your soundbar’s reset type.

Soft Reset on Samsung Soundbar 

There have been no tools required during the soft reset on the Samsung soundbar. All you have to do is restart the device. Furthermore, there is no risk of losing configuration during or after a soft reset. Aside from that, there is no need to connect your Bluetooth devices again. However, to perform a soft reset on the Samsung soundbar, simply do the following steps:

  • Switch off your soundbar.
  • Now unplug your soundbar from the power as well. 
  • Make sure the device is completely turned off. 
  • After that, probably wait 30 seconds. 
  • Now plug it back in and turn it on. 
  • Check to see if it works after it has been restarted.

Following this soft resetting method doesn’t make any difference. However, with the soft reset, you just power cycled the soundbar. Which easily resolves any unnecessary issues or strange behavior of your Samsung soundbar.

Hard Reset on Samsung Soundbar 

A hard reset is also referred to as a factory reset. Because this reset will wipe out all of your settings, data, and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Also, return your Samsung soundbar in the same condition that it was delivered from the factory. However, to perform a hard reset on the Samsung soundbar, follow these steps.

  • First and foremost, turn on your Samsung soundbar. 
  • As a result, the procedure starts with a powered soundbar.
  • Now you must hold down key combinations such as volume up and volume down for approximately 10 to 15 seconds. 
  • When you see an INT on your soundbar. That means the device is already performing a hard reset. 
  • Once you complete the hard reset, your device will turn on automatically.

Try These First Before Attempting a Factory Reset

A hard reset on your Samsung soundbar is simple and will resolve the majority of your problems. But at the same time, you will lose all of your settings and data, which is inconvenient. However, before performing a factory reset, try these solutions, which may solve your problem and save you from performing a hard reset.

  1. If you are having trouble with a Bluetooth device. Then simply try turning off and on Bluetooth. You can also do this with a smartphone. And your problem might be resolved. 
  2. If your TV and soundbar aren’t working properly, try using your mobile phone. Through that, you will easily know whether the issue is with your soundbar or with the paired device.
  3. At last, you can do a soft reset, which will not cause any data loss while resolving your problem. However, soft reset procedures are explained above.

If any of these options doesn’t work for you. Then it is a must to attempt the hard reset. However, all the steps of a hard reset are outlined above.

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar Without Remote

How to Reset Samsung Soundbar Without Remote

If you misplaced or ended up losing your Samsung soundbar remote and needed to reset your soundbar. Then do so to reset the Bluetooth connection without a remote. All you have to do is

  • Turn off the soundbar and also unplug it from the power outlet.
  • Now, hold and press the Reset button for 10 to 15 seconds. Also, the reset button on different models of Samsung soundbars may vary. 
  • While holding the Reset button, plug the soundbar cord into the power outlet. 
  • When the soundbar is on. Now try to pair it again with your device. 

However, by following all of these steps you can reset your Samsung soundbar without using the remote. 

The general process of troubleshooting Samsung Soundbar

If your Samsung soundbar is experiencing issues. Then, take a look at these few things for troubleshooting.

  1. Check that all of the cables are properly connected. 
  2. Look for the appropriate source. 
  3. Make sure that the power is turned on. 
  4. Check to see if the sound bar is your primary speaker. 
  5. In any particular instance, disconnecting and reconnecting could assist in repairing a potentially bad connection.
  6. Lastly, Reset the Samsung soundbar. 

My Samsung Soundbar Won’t Turn On

Many users claim that their soundbar will not turn on. And while your Samsung soundbar won’t turn on, you are unable to enjoy high-quality audio from video games and movies. However, if you are facing this issue then it is very easy to fix. All you need to do is.

  1. Disconnect the soundbar from the wall socket and check the 2 components of the power cord connection. Make sure they are tightly connected, so they are not easily disconnected.
  2. Check your wall socket is working properly while plugging in the soundbar cord.
  3. Make sure nothing else is loose. Check that the cord is securely attached to the soundbar. There must be no gaps, so it should not be easily unplugged.
  4. Connect the soundbar to a power outlet and then turn it on.
  5. However, if still, the Samsung soundbar won’t turn on, then contact the Samsung help desk for service.

To Conclude 

Hopefully, you found this guide useful in resetting your Samsung soundbar. Moreover, always confirm the reset type of your soundbar before performing a reset. If you are having minor problems with your Samsung soundbar, then perform a soft reset. This enables you to solve all minor issues with your soundbar. And if that doesn’t work, try a factory reset. We also suggest that you read the user manual guide which came with your Samsung soundbar, as it will be a good assistance to you. Thank you.