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How to Find Your Lost AirPod Case

how to find lost airpods case

Does keeping something somewhere and then not having any idea where it is in the next 5 minutes and frantically searching the house sound a little like you? Do you often forget your belongings in random, uncomplicated places but then manage to find them at least a couple of hours (or days, give or take) later? If the answer’s yes, keep reading.

You just got back home after dinner with your colleagues/friends and feel like putting on and listening to some music as you clean up your apartment. After a while, you eventually come to notice that your AirPod case is missing and have absolutely no idea where you kept or used them last. 

How to Find Your Lost AirPod Case
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Let’s be honest. Whether your AirPods are inside the case or not, losing them is still a pain. Questions like “How do I find my AirPod case?” and “How can I locate them?” pop into your head and you feel some of those butterflies touring your stomach as you run back and forth, searching for them.

It’s okay. Anyone who loses their AirPod case will definitely panic, given the AirPod case is more than just a case and literally serves as a rechargeable battery for the AirPods. Not to mention, it’s also required to reset and pair the AirPods. 

In short, if someone’s lost their AirPod case, the AirPods are rendered completely useless – similar to a phone without a battery.

Fortunately, you don’t have to purchase a new AirPod case instantly if you lose them. You can try out a few things to find it and, of course, pray your cat didn’t take it to her secret stash – in which case, there’s no coming back.

This article will answer your question, “Can you track your AirPods case?” and guide you through the process of finding your AirPod case and hopefully, relieve you of panic.

Let’s begin by discussing how to avoid losing your AirPod case in the first place. Then, we’ll review some methods for finding it if you’ve already misplaced it. We’ll also go over what to do if you misplace your AirPods and don’t have a case.

How to Find Your Lost AirPod Case

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4 Ways You Can Avoid Losing Your AirPod case

  • Put or keep your AirPod case near your essentials – backpack/purse, phone, etc.
  • Attach the case to your bag’s strap or buckle
  • Put the case in your bag’s or jacket’s zippered pockets
  • Use any elastic band to keep your case in place

How to Find Your Lost AirPod Case Right Away If They’re Missing?

We’ve all been in that situation: you’re in a hurry and can’t find your AirPod case. It could be in the last place you looked, or it could be gone forever. Don’t get all gloomy if this happens! 

There are a few steps you might take to track down your AirPod case. First, look in the last place you remember having it. If it isn’t there, try retracing your steps to see if it is somewhere else in your house or office.

How to Find AirPod case Right Away

Now, if you still haven’t found them, here are some possible case scenarios:

How Can I Find My AirPod case with Airpods Inside Them?

Well, you’re pretty fortunate to get back your AirPod case with AirPods inside them. With that being said, there’s no need for third-party software to track the case’s spot. This is probably the most ideal case of how to locate lost AirPods. So, here we go!

Apple has a “Find My” App with a “Directions” feature. This functionality is specifically designed to locate misplaced Apple products. The only constraint this feature has is that it only finds your AirPods and not its case. 

What this means is that if you lose an empty AirPod case, this feature will be completely ineffective.

Another key factor to keep in mind is that this function seems to be effective regardless of whether your case is open or closed. Yep, that’s right! This plays an essential role in figuring out the location of your AirPods. Here’s how:

See: when the AirPod case is open, accessibility makes it simple to find and it can be tracked in real-time.

However, if the case is closed, accessibility is lost, the device goes offline, and charging mode is activated. All you can do in the latter case is locate the last location where the case was open. Apart from that, features such as ‘Play Sound’ and ‘Nearby’ will be unavailable if the connection is lost.

Find My AirPod case with Airpods Inside Them

To make the most of this feature, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Go to the “Find My” app on your iPhone.
  • A paired devices list will be shown below. 
  • Choose your AirPods from the list beneath.
  • Check for a green light just beside your AirPods.
  • If this is the case, tap the “Play” icon to begin listening to music. 
  • Then, increase the volume of your Airpods until you can hear them.

How Can I Find My AirPod case Without The Pods Inside Them?

Find My AirPod case Without The Pods Inside Them

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You might need some luck down below. Tracking your AirPod case is very similar to the previous one. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make any noise this time, but we’ve got a revelation for you.

To find your lost AirPod case, perform the following steps:

  • Go and open the “Find my iPhone” app on your iPhone.
  • All of your paired devices are listed below. Choose your AirPods from this lineup.
  • Check for a green light just beside your AirPods.
  • If yes, it means the case is close by.
  • Admittedly, if it has a greyish light next to it, it is out of range. Follow the steps above if your AirPod case has dropped dead.

How Can I Find My AirPod case With Serial Number?

Find My AirPod case With Serial Number

Source: iPhone Life

We have some unfortunate news for you. A serial number cannot be used to locate your AirPod case. Your best shot with this is to consult the Apple store and provide your serial number. They will arrange a replacement though at quite a fee.

So, if your memory hasn’t failed you completely and you remember the serial number of your Airpods, hit the Apple store and get a replacement for free. That’s, quite frankly, the only solution in this case.

How Can I Find My AirPod case Without My iPhone?

It is nothing short of stressful if you don’t have both your iPhone and AirPods. Rest assured, you can rely on your computer in such cases. Simply follow the easy steps outlined below:

  • Go to and search for “Find My iPhone.”
  • Write your Apple ID and password to log in to your account
  • Pick the one connected with your AirPods, if you have multiple IDs.
  • Enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Click “All devices” then select your AirPods.
  • You may find the latest location of the device under each device, and it will typically say “Offline.”

How Can I Find My AirPod case If It’s Dead?

Find My AirPod case If It’s Dead

Source: MacRumors

If your AirPod case is dead, you can use the “Find My” app once more. However, you cannot play the sound to pinpoint your AirPod this time. There is still hope for your missing AirPod case. Here’s how it’s done:

  • Launch the “Find My” App. 
  • Then go to the ‘Devices’ tab and choose your AirPod from the many options.
  • You’re in luck if you see the Greenish circle next to the AirPod name.
  • If you see Grey Dot instead of Green Dot, it’s too late because the AirPod case has moved out of range.

How Can I Find My AirPod case if they’re not showing up on “Find My iPhone”?

Unfortunately, your AirPods will not appear in the ‘Find My iPhone’ App. This signifies that your AirPod is out of range and cannot connect to WiFi or Bluetooth. However, you can use the workaround below to figure out the very last spot where it was connected. 

Although it wouldn’t be the exact location and it cannot be said with certainty about its current location, you can, even so, look at the area where it was detached and probably make some reasonable assumptions.

How to Avoid Losing Your AirPod Case?

Use the AirTag cover from Apple

Apple’s AirTag is a product created to safeguard your AirPods. It is compatible with first, second, and third generation AirPods. This is great for not only protecting your AirPods but also locating and tracking them.

Use an Anti-Lost strap for the AirPod case

Anti-Lost strap for the AirPod case

It is not always essential to use high-tech options to keep your valuables safe. This AirPod Anti-Lost Strap expands as a keyring that you can easily tie to your backpack, wallet, or waist belt. Furthermore, it is made of shock-absorbing silicon, which ensures the safety of your AirPod.


Losing an AirPod case is nothing brief of a nightmare. In this article, we have attempted to summarise all of the possible solutions and address your concern about “How can I find my AirPod case?”. We hope they prove successful in you locating your AirPod case.

Nevertheless, you MUST exercise extreme caution. Fortunately, Apple has provided a simple option in the form of its “Find My iPhone” app, but it does have limitations. You’ll be regretful if your AirPods go beyond range because tracking them will become nearly impossible.

The only remaining option will be to replace it immediately. However, many Apple users believe that the company should develop a way to monitor AirPod cases that do not contain AirPods. Hopefully, we will have a more practical answer soon. Some preventive controls are currently available, but they cannot, of course, ensure the security of your device unless you are careful.