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Bluetooth Headphones Connected But No Sound? Do This

bluetooth headphone connected but no sound

Bluetooth headphones have been a real game-changer, especially for us. They have enhanced the entire “listening” experience and made it much more convenient. 

However, does it ever happen to you that you are all set to head for a jog, ready for an intense workout, relaxing in the park with a cup of coffee, or about to destroy your friends in an online game, but just as you are about to dive into it and hit “play” you find the Bluetooth headphones connected but no sound is reaching your ears? 

Bluetooth Headphones Connected But No Sound
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It can be one of the most infuriating experiences, right? The first few times it happened to us, I was left baffled about what to do next and how to “fix” them. Therefore, here’s a list of what to do when your Bluetooth headphones are paired but no sound can be heard. 

Check the Volume Levels

Let’s start simple, the first and foremost thing to do is to not panic. Just head over to your phone or laptop and check the volume settings. If the volume level on the device is not muted and at an adequate level, then check the volume level of your headphones as well. 

If the volume levels are already fine, or if even after fixing them the Bluetooth headphones are connected but no sound is there, then we move to the next step. 

Disconnect the Bluetooth and Re-connect

The Bluetooth equivalent of rebooting is simply disconnecting the headphones, turn off Bluetooth on your device and let it be for a minute or two. After that, turn on the Bluetooth again and re-connect the headphones. 

If they start working, congratulations, if the condition is still such that Bluetooth headphones paired but no sound is audible, you can try this one or two more times, or directly move on to the next step. 

Check your Device’s Settings

At this point, you might want to check the various settings of your device that may be hindering the connection. For example, first of all, check if your device is in power-saving mode, which can hinder external audio playback or altogether shut it down. 

If that is already off, try checking the audio playback settings, especially if you are on your PC/laptop and ensure that the right headphones are selected. Also, ensure that your device has not connected to another Bluetooth device with a similar name. 

Restart the Device

If the smaller version of the age-old kill and revive does not work, it’s time for the trick that’s probably been the most reliable “hack” for all tech-related issues. Simply turn off your device and restart it, do the same with your headphones and try reconnecting them again. 

While our gut says there should be a voila! moment at this point but in case the Bluetooth is connected but no sound is audible still, then we might have to switch up a level in our efforts.

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Do a Device Check

Before proceeding further, if you can, it might be wise to first check which element is bringing the trouble, your phone/laptop or the Bluetooth headphones. Checking this is pretty simple, you can simply connect the headphones to another device and see if they work. 

In case they do, then the issue might be with your phone/laptop, if they don’t then it’s most likely with the headphones. You can also try pairing another pair of headphones with your phone/laptop to do the test in the opposite direction. 

Furthermore, you can do both tests, and if both your headphones and phone/laptop are working with the other devices and not each other, then the issue may be an underlying compatibility problem. If that is the case, a firmware update for your headphones might fix it. 

Update Your Devices

Sometimes issues like Bluetooth headphones paired but no sound being audible can be caused by outdated software. If you haven’t updated your phone in a long time you might want to check that or generally search for software updates and download any. 

Similarly, some Bluetooth headphones also have firmware updates which can be downloaded via their app. Keep your Bluetooth headphones connected and look in the app for any updates and install them. 

Update Your Devices


In case none of these tricks work and your Bluetooth headphones are connected but no sound is audible issue persists, then you might want to head for a technical inspection of your headphones but an expert in order to check for faulty or damaged parts and get them repaired. 

There is also another check which is unlikely but in case you have left wired headphones connected to your phone you might want to remove that and try connecting again. Similarly, if your Bluetooth headphones support wired mode and you have left the cable attached, you need to remove that and then try again. If the issue persists, then getting them checked might be the wisest choice. 

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