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Top Six Cat Ear Headphones to Buy

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In the gaming community, cat ear headphones are a staple piece of equipment. You can tell these headphones apart from the norm by their electronic “cat ears” that protrude from the top of the headband.

Cat ears are more than just a pretty accessory; they also include built-in speakers and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). Among gamers, cat ear headphones are often regarded as the gold standard in terms of sound quality. But due to their fashion and attractiveness, they are also popular as gifts for youngsters in numerous situations.

You can get surround sound and crystal clear highs and lows with some of the best cat ear headphones on the market. This is appreciated by players who want a more realistic immersion in video game worlds by hearing details like footsteps and gunfire.

Cat ear headphones are advantageous since they provide high-quality features at a reasonable price. Their prices range from $20 to $150.

If you also want to buy cat ear headphones and are confused amongst the wholesome variety available, we’ve got your back. This blog post describes in detail the top six cat ear headphones you can buy in 2022 and make your gaming as well as music experience the best! 

Best Cat Ear Headphones in 2022

Dive in to burst your curiosity! 

On-Ear Stereo Headphones w/Light up Cat Ears for Kids –

On-Ear Stereo Headphones by FOS Power are definitely one of the best cat ear headphones to buy in 2022. It comes with high-end padded ear cushions solely designed to offer a comfortable experience and a safe volume for kids (up to 85dB max). It has light-up vibrant LED ears installed that make listening to music and playing games even more enjoyable and fun for kids. 

Best Cat Ear Headphones

You can also choose between the options of keeping the LEDs constantly on or keeping them flashing with a simple click. 

Keeping in view the usage, FOS Power has designed these headphones with 100% flexibility so they won’t break despite rough usage. The best part is – these cat ear headsets come along with a laced cable that offers long-term durability and reliability. 


  • Comfortably designed for kids
  • LED cat ears for an enjoyable experience
  • High device compatibility
  • High-definition sound quality
  • Laced cable
  • Adjustable headband
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Pads are a little smaller in size and may slip off of a toddler’s head

iClever Kids Headphones HSO1

HSO1 cat ear headphones by iClever have been made with super soft material ensuring they have no negative impact on kids despite long-term usage and touching. The super-adorable cat ears made with silicon are the safest option for kids and keep their headset experience highly comfortable. 

Integrated with high-quality microphones, this cat ear headphone is definitely the best choice for kids that are enrolled in online classes and courses. All the exciting options of play, pause, answer and end are easily accessible with just one click of a button. 

In addition to that, these incredibly soft and modern-designed iClever headphones for kids come along with built-in volume limiting technology that can 100% satisfy the listening requirement of your kids while keeping up with the protection of ears with an adjustable sound. The best feature these great cat ear headphones offer is noise cancellation. With 94dB volume, it can protect your kids from all the outside noise and offer enjoyable experiences. 

Best Cat Ear Headphones


  • Built-In Microphone
  • Share port
  • Premium Stereo Sound
  • Pillow-Soft Earmuffs
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Universal Compatibility


  • Microphones might not be great enough for streaming


Riwbox CT-7S Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones with LED for Kids – 

If you’re looking for the best car ear headphones for kids, Riwbox CT-75 Cat Ear Bluetooth Headphones can be your ultimate choice. Combining the elements of music, lights, colour, and entertainment together, this incredible Bluetooth headset offers a premium experience for kids. 

The car ear headsets have Red/Blue/Green LED embedded that allows the lights to blink with the colours changing along with rhythms. The best part is – a glowing Riwbox cat cartoon on the sides that can let everyone around you know about the happiness and joy you must be feeling. 

Integrated with 40mm speakers and a 5.0 Bluetooth technology – it offers the premium quality of sound and the strongest bass, maintaining convenience and ease. 

Riwbox CT-7S - Cat Ear Headphones

Additionally, these cat ear headphones allow you to choose between the options of wired and wireless modes. It has switches on both sides of a headset that lets you control multiple functionalities, play the next song, play the previous song, have a volume control, and so on. 


  • Extended battery life up to 10 hours
  • 10 – 20.000 Hz frequency range
  • 5.0 Bluetooth Connection
  • Adjustable volume
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Flashy attractive design


  • It might cause some connection problems

Razer Kraken Kitty Gaming Headsets

If you want to be the coolest one following the cat ear headphones trend, Razer Kraken Kitty Gaming Headsets are definitely the best choice. It is one of the best US gaming headsets available, designed while keeping in mind comfort and personalization. They are highly customizable headsets allowing each user to tailor-set their personal auras with their choice of lighting and colours. 

If you’re a streamer, this headset takes you one step ahead in personalised communication and lets you interact with the audience by responding to the viewers’ emotes with the lighting. You can easily personalise the colours and effects for each different emotion on your headset by using the Streamer Companion App. 

High-tech features such as a wired+USB connection, 50mm dynamic driver size, and a 20-20.000Hz frequency size make it a go-to cat ear headset for all those crazy for streaming and cool gamers. 

Razer Kraken Kitty Gaming Headsets


  • Bassy but offers premium quality sound
  • Excellent microphones
  • Highly comfortable material and durable design
  • Cosplay mode


  • You may find them heavy on heads
  • Non-detachable cable

SOMIC G951s Pink Cat Ear Gaming Headset Switch PC –

The SOMIC G951s Cat Ear Headphones are the best purple kitty headphones on the market. They’re also among the best and most reasonably priced cat ear headphones for gaming. The fact that the headphones are fashionable does not exclude them from being utilised for gaming. Everything about these headphones is fantastic. Comfort, ease of use, sound delivery, driver performance, and so on are all important considerations.

For starters, the headphones offer an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable fit. The ear cups are constructed of soft leather and a self-adjusting head beam. The large-sized ear cups provide outstanding noise attenuation and allow virtually any interference. You can even remove the cat ears if necessary.

Second, the sound quality provided by these headphones is outstanding. The huge 40 mm high-fidelity speakers provide precise and clear sound. The microphone is both flexible and sensitive. When you’re playing, it provides for clear conversation and comfortable hands-free calling.

SOMIC G951s Pink Cat Ear Gaming Headset


  • Exceptional sound quality with a clear sound effect for even the miniature details
  • Superb noise cancellation
  • Very comfortable material
  • Light-weighted
  • Aesthetical appearance
  • Gaming perfect manufacturing


  • It might seem a little expensive in comparison to other headphones available in the similar category 

MINDKOO Wireless Cat Ear Headphones –

The sound quality of the MindKoo headphones isn’t going to win any awards, but it’s good enough for most people. The quality isn’t great, but it’s OK for gaming and light listening as it’s not meant for picky consumers.

Because of their novelty status, some cat ear headphones skip over important features. These headphones’ charm lies in their cute design and convenient Bluetooth connectivity; the quality of their sound is a bonus.

MINDKOO Wireless Cat Ear Headphones

These headphones are already very cool, but the addition of LED lights only ups the ante. They are stunning. Wireless connectivity often works OK. Battery life of up to 10 hours is also remarkable, and the headphones may be utilised wired if preferred.

The fact that they can be folded up for convenient storage is an added bonus. Additionally, there is a microphone included for taking and making calls.


  • Highly affordable 
  • Flashy LED Lights with multiple colours
  • Superb battery life 
  • Light-weighted
  • Aesthetical appearance
  • Gaming perfect manufacturing


  • Bigger in size to fit on a kid’s head 
  • Not really durable and reliable

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Wireless Headphones in the list of Best Cat Ear Headphones to Buy? 

Yes, cat ear headphones can definitely be available in the wireless category too. You can search for the best wireless cat ear headphones if interested. Riwbox Bluetooth Headsets are one popular example of wireless cat ear headphones that offers a super convenient experience for the users. 

How Can I connect to a Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphone? 

Not sure how to connect your cat ear headphones to Bluetooth? Here’s a simplified list of steps to follow! 

  • Go to Settings on your concerned device and look for the Bluetooth Option.
  • Turn on your Bluetooth so the headphones can find your device. Keep both devices close so that each of them can rectify the other. 
  • Turn on the Bluetooth by pressing the button on your headphones. You might have to hold on to pressing the button for a few settings until there’s a light blinking on your cat ear headphones. 
  • Find your headphone’s Bluetooth Name on the device. 
  • Select the name, and you’ll be connected to the device with your cat ear headphones. 
  • Now you can enjoy using your cat ear headphones with the preferred device.

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Is There a Noise-Cancellation Feature in the best-to-buy Cat Ear Headphones

Yes, there are multiple noise cancellation cat ear headphones available in the market. The above-described list of 6 best cat ear headphones includes the following few noise-cancellation headsets that you can consider buying for a premium experience! 

  • SOMIC G951s Pink Cat Ear Gaming Headset Switch PC
  • iClever Kids Headphones HSO1

How Can I Turn Off My Bluetooth Cat Ear Headphones

Bluetooth cat ear headphones are not energy-efficient devices, so they do not require turning off. They are usually programmed in a manner that they automatically turn off when not in use to conserve energy. 

Wrapping Up 

Cat ear headphones have majorly become part of the trend recently, and there’s absolutely no one to blame but the great variety of cat ear headphones available in the market. Be it a fashionable gamer, a diehard otaku, or a parent looking around for the best yet most attractive headphones for their kids – cat ear headsets are what pop into the mind, don’t they? 

These stylish yet cute and flashy designed headsets are definitely a great means of adding colour and joy to the regular streaming and gaming sessions. Unlike conventional headsets, they offer a premium listening experience to the users by involving colours and flashy lights, which are surely a perk no gamer or streamer would want to miss. 
If you’re also one of those excited to buy one of the best cat ear headphones, the above list of top 6 cat ear headphones can definitely be of your help. You can read through the detailed descriptions and pick the one that seems perfect to your requirements and interests.