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Beats Studio Buds vs Airpods Pro

beats studio vs airpods

There is always discussion over whether wireless earbuds have the finest sound quality, but there is no doubt that Apple’s AirPods Pro are the most widely purchased option. The AirPods Pro are influential and inherently sound, with a dedicated column on the Apple website and a review that overshadows entire corporations.

But if you’re looking to purchase a pair, whether online at Apple or in person, don’t be shocked to see a supply of Beats Studio Budsnearby. In 2014, Apple purchased the infamous Beats brand, which was formerly worn on the ears of every celebrity and athlete who walked. Since then, Apple has started selling headphones and earbuds created by Beats in its own retail locations. On, select the Accessories page, scroll down to “Shop all Wireless Headphones,” and then locate the product listing to purchase, for instance, the Beats Studio Buds. Simple enough, yes?

Beats Studio Buds vs Airpods Pro

Compared to AirPods Pro, the Beats Studio Budsare more vibrant

Whether you choose the white, black, or red variations, the Beats Studio Budshave a colourful paint job that consistently finishes the casing, earbuds, and ear tips. The earbuds weigh about 5 grammes each, which makes it simple to forget that you are wearing them. Every earbud comprises smaller than the AirPods Pro due to the absence of a stem.

The AirPods Pro is exclusively offered in silky white, maintaining the original AirPods’ design aesthetic. The AirPods Pro model improves audio quality and isolation over the standard AirPods by sealing to the ears. Each earbud’s stem doesn’t stick out very far, but it’s long sufficient to grip on a mask and send your earphones flying out.

You can use the Beats Studio Buds and AirPods Pro without worrying about them getting wet or sweaty because they both have an IPX4 grade for resistance to water and sweat. Regardless of the earbuds you choose, you receive three different sizes of ear tips made of silicone (in sizes available small, medium, and large) for a more personalised fit.

How are the controls different?

The H1 chip found inside the AirPods Pro can be used to connect the earphones, but only iPhone users and only iPhone users can do so. The earphones instantly connect to adjacent Apple devices that use the same iCloud account with a flick of the charging case lid. You must use the conventional Bluetooth-pairing procedure if you are using hardware that is Windows, Android, or any other non-Apple platform.

Beats Studio Buds vs Airpods Pro

The Beats Studio Budsoffer Bluetooth 5.2 (as opposed to 5.0 on the AirPods) and one-touch pairing for iPhones and Android devices, despite being less visually appealing. The Beats can use Google’s Fast Pair function to quickly sync to any Google-powered smartphone by pushing the pairing button on the charging case’s rear. Additionally, there is a Beats companion app that is as feature-rich on iOS and Android.

When it comes to audio quality, the Apple AirPods Pro undoubtedly sound superior to the other pair. When listening to different genres, you can anticipate a more full sound stage, and the AirPods just do a better job of keeping mid-to-high frequencies clean while delivering enough bass to give listeners the kick they want.

The Studio Buds have a profile that leans more heavily toward bass than anything else. Your ears will enjoy the extra thump that Beats products are renowned for if you listen to a lot of houses, EDM, and dance music. Just don’t anticipate the background music to blend in well with the voices and higher-pitched percussion.

Beats Studio Buds vs Airpods Pro
Beats Studio Buds

Both devices are compatible with Apple Music’s Spatial Audio, which produces an immersive soundscape through the amplification of specific instruments and vocals depending on the direction of the face. Both iOS and Android users can benefit from this functionality.

The fact that the AirPods Pro have some of the top microphones and active noise-cancellation (ANC) systems we’ve examined is helpful. The AirPods are good at cancelling out background noise and keeping your voice in the spotlight during meetings and early commutes. The Studio Buds mute a lower frequency of sound but is not far behind in terms of ANC levels.

How much do the Beats Studio Buds or Beats Studio Buds cost?

Clearly, Apple isn’t making as big of an effort to promote the $149 Beats Studio Budsas it does the $249 AirPods Pro. But it doesn’t mean you should rule out the former if you’re looking for a pair of wireless earbuds. The Beats rival could serve your requirements better in a number of ways. Let’s examine the two earbuds’ looks, functions, and performances to aid in your decision.

Which has more connectivity possibilities, the Beats Studio Budsor the AirPods Pro? 

For constant high-quality performance on Apple devices, the AirPods Pro and Beats Studio Budsboth are equipped with SBC, a common Bluetooth codec, and AAC. Since AAC performance varies widely amongst Android handsets, neither one supports unfortunately, Android listeners cannot use higher-quality Bluetooth codecs such as aptX or LDAC.

Are Beats better than AirPods? The Bluetooth 5.2 firmware is used by the Beats Studio Buds, while Bluetooth 5.0 is used by the AirPods Pro. Because the more recent edition of Bluetooth is quite effective, you’ll notice a little boost in connection quality and battery capacity. This suggests that, in the long term, the Studio Buds may get LC3 codec support instead of the present AirPods Pro variant.

Which has a longer battery life, the Beats Studio Budsor the AirPods Pro?

Are you confused about how long do AirPods Pro and Beats Studio Budslast? The battery life of the Beats Studio Buds and Apple AirPods Pro is quite similar. In our testing of constant playing at 75dB(SPL) with ANC enabled, the AirPods Pro lasted five hours, Six minutes longer than the Beats.

The AirPods Pro charging case offers a maximum of 24 hours of playback time, whereas the Beats Studio Budscharging case offers two more full charges. The AirPods Pro case is powered by a Lightning connector, whereas the Beats Studio Budsare powered by a USB-C port. The Beats Studio Budscan only be charged the conventional method, unlike the AirPods Pro, which offers wireless charging.

airpods battery life

Do the AirPods’ noise-cancelling capabilities surpass those of the Beats Studio Buds?

Active noise suppression is much improved with the Apple AirPods Pro. The AirPods Pro reduces low-pitched humming noises coming from a vehicle or aeroplane, which typically range from 100 to 1000 Hz so that they are only relatively similar volume as they would be if the ANC and earphones weren’t present. Even if this noise cancellation isn’t the best, it significantly lessens the grating sounds of the transit on your journey.

Only background noise under 1000 Hz can be reduced by the Beats Studio Buds, making them sound around 25% quieter. Even though it’s not amazing, noise-cancelling earbuds are still preferable to this one. When switching ANC on and off with the two headsets, you’ll see a bigger change compared to the Beats Studio Buds, and AirPods Pro.

The Beats Studio Buds’ silicone earbuds offer marginally greater passively seclusion rather Apple’s AirPods Pro, reducing the increased occurrence of accidental noises like the clanging of cookware and saucepans.

Which earphones sound better: Beats Studio Budsvs AirPods Pro? 

The Studio Buds, true to the Beats brand, amplify treble and sub-bass tones more than the AirPods Pro. Although many of us love this sound, the Beats Studio Budsmake it challenging to hear vocals because the sub-bass and treble notes are significantly louder than the bass and low-mids (200-500Hz). In many cases, the Beats Studio Buds will not generate vocal performances as clearly as the AirPods Pro.

Because neither set of earphones has a built-in EQ, you must make do with how they sound until you look into third-party EQ solutions. You’ll probably appreciate the frequency response of the Beats Studio Budsif you enjoy upbeat EDM or hip-hop. The more neutral sound of the AirPods Pro is better for music that is more vocal- or acoustic-focused.

Should you get Beats Studio Budsor Apple AirPods Pro?

This choice is rather straightforward if you use an Android phone. The Beats Studio Buds are more compatible with your phone and less expensive than the Apple AirPods Pro. Since the AirPods Pro are so expensive and has so little performance on non-Apple gadgets, we do not recommend them to fans of Android.

Owners of iPhones may find the choice a little trickier. The AirPods Pro are pricey, but they’re worth it when you desire premium features including structural sound, wireless and fast charging, and simple swapping between Apple products. Given that they routinely go at a discount of less than $200,  the pricing of the AirPods Pro is now for those looking for a quality, simpler demonstrating headphone experience.

If they aren’t concerned with all the extra features, Apple users can still save some money by going with the Beats Studio Buds. The Beats earphones have premium features like noise cancellation and an IPX4 rating and are designed for consumers who appreciate style and portability. You’ll benefit more from your choice of earbuds than if you had used the regular AirPods.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should I purchase the third-generation Apple AirPods instead?

For the majority of users, the ordinary Apple AirPods are not a suitable alternative to the Beats Studio Buds or Apple AirPods Pro because they lack changeable ear tips and active noise cancellation. For those who regularly commute on noisy public transportation, this results in an unexpected hearing experience in a number of circumstances.

How does the Beats Fit Pro fare?

The Beats Fit Pro is the more expensive sibling of the Beats Studio Buds and features wing tips for a more suitable match. The Beats Fit Pro is undoubtedly something to consider if you have the extra money to spend and desire maximum comfort with premium features like spatial audio.

How do I update AirPods Pro and Beats Studio Budsfirmware?

If you have an Apple smartphone, the AirPods Pro and Beats Studio Buds will automatically upgrade to the most recent software via over-the-air updates. If you have an Android device, you may upgrade the Beats Studio Buds firmware from within the Beats app.


Apple Beats Studio BudsTrue Wireless are inferior to Apple AirPods Pro Truly Wireless in-ear headphones. Some users may prefer the Apple because they are better made, have a more secure in-ear fit, and have a more neutral sound profile. 

Additionally, its ANC does a substantially better job of isolating outside noise, and they have longer battery life. You can easily couple them with other gadgets in your Apple ecosystem because they include an H1 chip.