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AirPods flashing Green- What Does It Mean & How to Solve It?

AirPods Blinking Green- What Does It Mean & How to Solve It?

AirPods have now become an everyday part of our lives. And sometimes many users are experiencing AirPods green light flashing issues and are unsure why it is happening. Even so, if you are also an AirPods user who wears them on a daily basis. And now you’re dealing with the AirPods green light flashing issue as well. Then you do not need to be concerned because we have provided several simple step-by-step solutions to your problem in this blog. So keep reading, perhaps one of the solutions will definitely work for you.

AirPods Blinking Green

Why Are My AirPods Blinking Green? 

Before we get into the fixes, let’s first figure out why your AirPods are flashing green. Although, there are several causes for this green blinking light, which we have listed below. Check out the following factors that could cause your AirPods to flash green.

1. Your AirPods aren’t charging properly

This is one of the most common reasons why your AirPods case starts to flash green. That one of your AirPods isn’t charging properly. And this could happen due to the buildup of earwax or dirt inside your AirPods over time. Which stops your AirPods from being able to charge properly.

2. The case did not recognize one of the AirPods

When you put your AirPods inside the case. After that, the case did not recognize the right or left AirPods sometimes. And as a result, the case starts flashing green.

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3. Damaged AirPod

The green blinking light also indicates that one of your AirPods internal components has been damaged. And this occurs if you have recently dropped your AirPods in water or somewhere else.

4. There is outdated firmware on the AirPods

Lastly, make sure your AirPods software is up to date. Because the firmware of your AirPods may be out of date. However, firmware updates are set to release to address existing problems with the AirPods.

Although, AirPods are not completely waterproof. They also can resist moisture, such as sweat or water. And if you recently dropped your AirPods into the water, then they may be acting weird. 

AirPods Flashing Green Light- 5 Tried & Tested Solutions

AirPods Flashing Green Light- 5 Tried & Tested Solutions

Even though, now you already know what the meaning of AirPods flashing green is. Now here are the 5 tried and tested solutions to this problem. Which will undoubtedly assist you, the following are 

  • Reboot your AirPods.
  • Update your AirPods’ software. 
  • Wipe the stem and tail of your AirPods.
  • Ensure that both the case and the AirPods are charged. 
  • Contact Apple Support. 

Reboot your AirPods

Reboot your AirPods

The first step is to unpair or reboot your AirPods. It makes no difference whether they are currently connected to your iPhone. While doing so, unpair or reboot your AirPods. And for this process all you have to do is

  1. To begin, insert both AirPods into the charging case and close the lid securely. 
  2. Wait for 30 seconds for AirPods’ power to be restored. 
  3. Then, go to your iOS device settings and choose Bluetooth.
  4. Now from the My device list select your AirPods and then tap (i) just beside your AirPods’ name. 
  5. Select the Forget this device option. As a result, your AirPods will be disconnected from your iOS device. 
  6. Following that, there’s a setup button at the back of your AirPods charging case. 
  7. Hold the button down for about 15 seconds until your case status light will change from red to white. 
  8. After they’ve rebooted, you can reconnect your AirPods to your iOS device again by bringing them close together, and you’re done.

However, try these steps to reboot your AirPods and see if this solves your flashing green light issue. If this solution does not work for you, then try the other fixes.

Update your AirPods’ software 

Update your AirPods' software 

The second quickest solution for this green light flashing problem is to update the AirPods firmware software version. This is something you cannot completely control, but you can encourage it to happen. Because Apple downloads firmware updates automatically. And for this, you must determine if your AirPods are using the most recent firmware version or not.

Moreover, You can check the firmware version on your AirPods by following these steps. 

  1. First, make sure your AirPods are connected to your iOS device.
  2. Now go to the settings menu and choose Bluetooth
  3. You will find an info button next to your AirPods’ name. Tap that button.
  4. However, you can find your AirPods version easily by clicking on the Firmware version.

If you discovered that your AirPods firmware version was out of date, this likely is what is causing the flashing green status light. You can easily resolve this issue by installing the latest software for your AirPods. All you have to do is. 

  1. Check that your AirPods are in their charging case. 
  2. Now connect them to a charger. And for this, use a wireless Qi standard-certified charger or a lightning connector to charge the case. 
  3. Following that, ensure that they are close to your iOS device. 
  4. Also, confirm that your iOS device has WIFI while doing this process. 
  5. Make sure your AirPods and your iOS device are no more than two inches apart. 
  6. If the latest firmware version is available, it will be downloaded and installed on your device automatically.
  7. Once it’s been around 15 minutes, check the AirPods settings to see if it has worked or not. 

As a result, your AirPods are now running the most recent firmware version. However, if the problem persists, then try the following fixes.

Wipe the stem and tail of your AirPods

Wipe the stem and tail of your AirPods

During the charging process, the AirPods made direct contact with the charging pins at the bottom of the charging case and the tails of the AirPods. As a result, a speck of dirt accumulates, trying to disrupt the connection between them. Thus, your AirPods could be flashing green light in order to fail to recognize the AirPods.

Furthermore, if you haven’t cleaned your AirPods in a while, there’s a high possibility they’re flashing green. Now is the time to thoroughly clean your AirPods in order to resolve this issue. You’ll also avoid getting an ear infection, which is a win-win situation.

Note: When cleaning your AirPods, use extreme caution. Sharp objects made of metal or plastic should be avoided as they will damage your AirPods instantly. Also, avoid using too much pressure while cleaning them.

Here is a list of the items you will need to clean the AirPods.

  • Wooden toothpick. 
  • Rubbing alcohol. 
  • Cotton buds. 
  • Lint-free cloth. 

To clean the AirPods and the charging case, you’ll need to have all of these items on hand which are listed above.

  1. To clean the charging case and the AirPods themselves, use a damp lint-free cloth. This removes most of the dirt that has accumulated on them over time. Additionally, pay special attention to the tails, which contain the charging pins.
  2. Now dip a cotton bud into the rubbing alcohol. And start cleaning the inside of the charging case with this damp cotton bud. Make sure to clean the charging pins as well.
  3. Lastly, use a wooden toothpick to gently scrape the debris and built-up earwax from the AirPods opening. Remember to be gentle and not stab or poke your AirPods, as this may cause them damage.

Recharge the both AirPods and Case

Recharge the both AirPods and Case

Users of AirPods have reported connection issues when the battery is low. Unlike uncharged/undercharged AirPods, the carrying case can only detect charged AirPods. And may be due to this issue occurring and they start blinking green light. 

Keep lithium-ion batteries, such as those in your AirPods, between 30 and 80% charged.

Now here is the easy way to check your AirPods and charging case battery level. It’s not a bad idea to check the battery life of your AirPods. So, there is nothing to be concerned about, and follow these steps. 

  • On a Mac: Connect your Apple AirPods to your Mac first. Then, in the Bluetooth menu, hover over the title of your AirPods.
  • On iOS devices: While connecting the two Apple devices. The current battery level will be displayed in the pop-up interaction. 
  • On Android: Install the AirBattery. Because Android lacks a built-in battery detector for AirPods, this is a third-party app.

Furthermore, if both of the batteries are running low, charge them as soon as you can. Until they gain enough power. Follow all of these steps to charge properly.

  1. Insert both AirPods into the case. Check that the stems of your AirPods are perfectly coordinated with the required charge pins inside of the case.
  2. Now put the lid back on. This is required for the AirPods to begin charging.
  3. If the lid is open, the case or even the AirPods will not begin charging.
  4. Lastly, connect the AirPods case to a Lightning connector or a Qi-certified wireless charger to charge wirelessly. 

However, The time required to fully charge your AirPods and carrying case totally depends on your power source. Particularly, the easiest and speediest method to charge your AirPods is to use an iPhone or iPad USB charger and a Mac’s USB cable.

Contact the Apple Support

Contact the Apple Support

Despite attempting all of these solutions, the problem of the AirPods flashing a green light persists. Then your AirPods may have hardware damage or are otherwise defective. You must now visit an Apple store or contact Apple support. They have the faulty component serviced or replaced with your AirPods.

You can easily get in touch with Apple support by visiting their Apple support website or downloading the support app. If you prefer a direct call discussion, then you can call them on the US helpline number at 1-800-275-2273. Hopefully, contacting Apple support will solve your green light flashing problem.

Final Words

This brings us to the end of this blog.  We hoped that you could easily understand all of these five tried and tested solutions. Hopefully, one of them will work for you and solve your AirPods green light flashing problem. However, if you are still experiencing this issue, we strongly advise you to visit your nearest Apple store or contact Apple support.

After attempting all of these fixes, you should be able to use your AirPods simultaneously without facing any problems. Even so, if this AirPods flashing green problem arises again in the future. You’ll be prepared and know what to do now. However, thank you for taking the time to read this entire blog.